Pricer & Coop Lombardia: the store revolution arrives in Italy

In 2017 Coop Lombardia signed an agreement with Pricer to digitize its stores with the latest generation of electronic SmartTAG labels with HD+ e-paper graphic display. The labels can be read at any point on the shelf and are fully configurable graphically. Pricer provides a software platform with advanced monitorable features. Thanks to this agreement the store “Supermarket of the future” in the Bicocca Village in Milan will enter a new phase with many new features to evolve the retail experience.

Paolo Tombolato, IT manager at Coop Lombardy, explains the strategic decision to invest in Pricer technology as “a solution that does not stop at the electronic shelf label as seen today, guaranteeing the duration of the investment over time and new marketing tools” and adds “with Pricer we are sure to have a solution that protects customers and employees in addition to meeting our current and future needs”.

Pricer is a company that for over 25 years has successfully installed innovative ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) solutions around the world. With its patented two-way system, based on optical communication with labels, there is no radio frequency and wi-fi waves, and no risk of interference, regulatory limits and there is greater attention to the health of employees and customers. In addition, this technology is not only health-conscious, but is also conscious of the operation in the store with its guaranteed transmission. Thanks to the Pricer system, which allows Coop to communicate with labels at any time in “always-on” mode, Coop will be able to interact with the system at a significantly faster speed than other technologies available on the market.

The ESL system is equipped with a Flash capability that, thanks to Pricer’s optical communication system, can be turned on in real time to notify specific actions to the customer or employee. Finally, the proprietary “Pricer Black Safe Screen” technology built into SmartTag labels is the only solution that does not show the wrong price when the batteries run out.

Michael Cacciatore, Head of Sales Pricer Italy, confirms that “the partnership with Coop does not finish with the replacement of paper prices with electronic labels but rather aims to develop points of sale with greater solutions for both employees and customers. Thanks to the Pricer platform in continuous evolution, our customers can easily activate new services or new labels without having to change the existing hardware infrastructure. In a dynamic market, the agreement with Coop will allow us to evolve the solutions in the “supermarket of the future” of Milan Bicocca becoming a dynamic lab with many innovations in customer experience and efficiency. Bicocca’s point of sale will adopt cutting-edge solutions and will represent a benchmark not only for the Italian market but also internationally”.

The partnership Coop Lombardia and Pricer, will bring unique features to customers visiting Bicocca’s store. The first solution of the Pricer platform that will be activated at the supermarket of the future of Coop, is the Pricer Quick Search module: it’s a module that allows dynamic identification of the products’ location inside the point of sale without the aid of direct support from staff. This ability, unique in the industry, will allow customers or employees to locate where products are by simply searching for the category on a touch screen.

This functionality will be integrated in other mobile applications to inform the customer if a product is available (or if it can be ordered online), where it is located inside the store, indicate the right position even with activation of real-time flash on labels. The mobile app and the omnichannel experience will then become useful and greatly enriched.